Priority Species   (Complete List of Species)

Key to Priority Plans

PIF Partners in Flight priorities from Bird Conservation Regions 12 and 23 and Continental Watch List species.  Regional priorities included Tier I and II species.
SGCN Species of Greatest Conservation Need for Wisconsin's Wildlife Action Plan.  This includes all state-listed species.
WBIRD Upper Mississippi River/Great Lakes Waterbird Conservation Plan.  Bird species rated as high concern were included from BCRs 12 and 23.
WFOWL Regional priorities from WCR 12 and 23 from the North American Waterfowl Management Plan. This included all species of high priority during breeding or non-breeding seasons.
SBIRD Regional/continental priorities from the Upper Miss/Great Lakes Joint Venture Shorebird Plan.  This includes all species with a total risk score (regional or continental) of 4 or 5.


SPECIES NAME   Priority Plan
Canada Goose (MVP)   WFOWL
Trumpeter Swan   SGCN
Tundra Swan   WFOWL
American Black Duck   SGCN, WFOWL
Mallard   WFOWL
Blue-winged Teal   SGCN
Northern Pintail   WFOWL
Canvasback   SGCN
Redhead   SGCN
Lesser Scaup   SGCN, WFOWL
Hooded Merganser   WFOWL
Ruffed Grouse   PIF
Spruce Grouse   SGCN
Sharp-tailed Grouse   SGCN
Greater Prairie-Chicken   SGCN, PIF
Northern Bobwhite   SGCN, PIF
Pied-billed Grebe   WBIRD
Horned Grebe   SGCN
Red-necked Grebe   SGCN, WBIRD
American Bittern   SGCN, WBIRD
Least Bittern   WBIRD
Great Egret   SGCN
Snowy Egret   SGCN
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron   SGCN
Osprey   SGCN
Bald Eagle   SGCN
Northern Harrier   SGCN, PIF
Northern Goshawk   SGCN
Red-shouldered Hawk   SGCN
Broad-winged Hawk   PIF
Peregrine Falcon   SGCN
Yellow Rail   SGCN, WBIRD
King Rail   SGCN, WBIRD
Sora   WBIRD
Whooping Crane   SGCN
American Golden-Plover   SGCN, SBIRD
Piping Plover   SGCN, SBIRD
Solitary Sandpiper   SGCN, SBIRD
Greater Yellowlegs   SBIRD
Upland Sandpiper   SGCN, SBIRD
Whimbrel   SGCN, SBIRD
Hudsonian Godwit   SGCN, SBIRD
Marbled Godwit   SGCN, SBIRD
Dunlin   SGCN, SBIRD
Buff-breasted Sandpiper   SGCN, SBIRD
Short-billed Dowitcher   SGCN, SBIRD
American Woodcock   SGCN, SBIRD
Wilson's Phalarope   SGCN, SBIRD
Caspian Tern   SGCN
Common Tern   SGCN, WBIRD
Forster's Tern   SGCN
Black Tern   SGCN, WBIRD
Black-billed Cuckoo   SGCN, PIF
Yellow-billed Cuckoo   SGCN
Barn Owl   SGCN
Short-eared Owl   SGCN, PIF
Whip-poor-will   SGCN, PIF
Chimney Swift   PIF
Belted Kingfisher   PIF
Red-headed Woodpecker   SGCN, PIF
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker   PIF
Black-backed Woodpecker   SGCN
Northern Flicker   PIF
SPECIES NAME   Priority Plan
Olive-sided Flycatcher   SGCN, PIF
Acadian Flycatcher   SGCN, PIF
Willow Flycatcher   SGCN, PIF
Least Flycatcher   SGCN, PIF
Loggerhead Shrike   SGCN
Bell's Vireo   SGCN
Yellow-throated Vireo   PIF
Warbling Vireo   PIF
Northern Rough-winged Swallow   PIF
Bank Swallow   PIF
Barn Swallow   PIF
Boreal Chickadee   SGCN
Sedge Wren   PIF
Marsh Wren   PIF
Veery   SGCN, PIF
Wood Thrush   SGCN, PIF
Brown Thrasher   SGCN, PIF
Blue-winged Warbler   SGCN, PIF
Golden-winged Warbler   SGCN, PIF
Nashville Warbler   PIF
Chestnut-sided Warbler   PIF
Black-throated Blue Warbler   SGCN, PIF
Black-throated Green Warbler   PIF
Blackburnian Warbler   PIF
Yellow-throated Warbler   SGCN
Kirtland's Warbler   SGCN, PIF
Cerulean Warbler   SGCN, PIF
Prothonotary Warbler   SGCN
Worm-eating Warbler   SGCN
Louisiana Waterthrush   SGCN
Kentucky Warbler   SGCN
Connecticut Warbler   SGCN, PIF
Mourning Warbler   PIF
Common Yellowthroat   PIF
Hooded Warbler   SGCN
Canada Warbler   SGCN, PIF
Clay-colored Sparrow   PIF
Field Sparrow   SGCN, PIF
Vesper Sparrow   SGCN, PIF
Lark Sparrow   SGCN
Grasshopper Sparrow   SGCN, PIF
Henslow's Sparrow   SGCN, PIF
Le Conte's Sparrow   SGCN
Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow   SGCN
Swamp Sparrow   PIF
White-throated Sparrow   PIF
Rose-breasted Grosbeak   PIF
Dickcissel   SGCN, PIF
Bobolink   SGCN, PIF
Eastern Meadowlark   SGCN, PIF
Western Meadowlark   SGCN, PIF
Yellow-headed Blackbird   PIF
Rusty Blackbird   SGCN, PIF
Purple Finch   PIF
Red Crossbill   SGCN

Kreitinger, K., Y. Steele and A. Paulios, editors. 2013.
The Wisconsin All-bird Conservation Plan, Version 2.0. Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative.
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Madison, WI.

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