Species Accounts

Purpose of Species Accounts Component

The species accounts component of the Wisconsin All-bird Conservation Plan was designed to give relevant conservation information on each bird species that breeds, migrates through, or winters in Wisconsin. These accounts are dynamic documents, meaning they will be updated periodically as new information comes to light. Much of the information within these accounts is available from numerous local, state, and national sources but has never been compiled into one unifying document and made available for a broad Wisconsin audience. The goal of these accounts was not to duplicate previous efforts, but rather to provide a concise summary of the relevant conservation information for each species and direct readers to additional sources of information. Furthermore, the Wisconsin All-bird Conservation Plan is formatted so that readers entering the plan to gain information on a particular species will be linked to other sections of the plan pertaining to that species.  For instance, a reader seeking information from the Connecticut Warbler species account might be linked to the Northwest Sands Ecological Landscape, the Jack Pine habitat page, or the Namekagon Barrens Key Sites page. In this way, readers gain a holistic view of the conservation opportunities available.

Priority Species

The overall goal of bird conservation efforts in Wisconsin should be to guide conservation policies and actions that will have the greatest impact on regional bird populations. In order to do this, WBCI developed a priority species list that identified bird species of greatest conservation need within Wisconsin. The species prioritization process was not meant to be restrictive, but rather inclusive of the numerous planning efforts that preceded this one. Thus, WBCI stepped down the high priority species from the four national bird conservation plans as well as regional planning documents and Wisconsin’s Wildlife Action Plan into one comprehensive list. The sources for our priority species list are:

Guide to Species Account Template

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