Ecological Landscapes

Purpose of Ecological Landscapes Component

The Ecological Landscapes component of the Wisconsin All-bird Conservation Plan identifies the highest priority management issues within each of Wisconsin’s major ecological regions. Priority bird species, important habitats, and key sites also are listed for each Ecological Landscape page. Conservation opportunities outlined in this section closely follow those listed in both the Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan and the Ecosystem Management Plan for Wisconsin. The goal of these accounts was not to duplicate previous efforts, but rather to provide a concise summary of the relevant conservation information for each ecological landscape and direct readers to additional sources of information. Furthermore, the Wisconsin All-bird Conservation Plan is formatted so that readers entering the plan to gain information on a particular landscape will be directed to other sections of the plan pertaining to that landscape. For instance, a reader seeking information from the Northwest Sands Ecological Landscape might be directed to the Jack Pine habitat page, the Connecticut Warbler species account, or the Namekagon Barrens Key Sites page. In this way, readers gain a holistic view of the conservation opportunities available.

Guide to Ecological Landscapes Template

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