Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative

A cooperative partnership to deliver the full spectrum of bird conservation emphasizing volunteer stewardship.

Other Resources

There are many wonderful resources, web sites, and places to learn about birds. Below is a listing of bird education recommendations to K-12 educators in Wisconsin from the WIBC education team.


  • Bird Education Alliance for Conservation
    BEAC is a collaborative network of people dedicated to bird conservation through education. You can join their network for free.
  • Bird Education Network
    BEN provides information and ideas on bird education. Like Bird Education Alliance for Conservation (BEAC), you can also join their network for free.
  • International Migratory Bird Day
    Celebrating IMBD is a perfect way to excite and involve students in bird education. This web site offers information and resource ideas to engage students.
  • Journey North
    Choose a species and have your students virtually journey with them. This outstanding web site offers a number of projects to do with students. It is not limited to birds.
  • Partners in Flight
    Learn what scientists are doing to protect and study migratory birds.
  • WBCI Publications
    Fact sheets and general information on Wisconsin birds.


  • Bird Trail Maps of Wisconsin
    Developed by the WI Department of Natural Resources, these maps provide information of trails throughout the state ideal for bird watching.
  • Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory
    This nature reserve located in Duluth, MN provides one of the best wild viewing opportunities for birds of prey and other migratory birds. It is a research and education facility.
  • International Crane Foundation
    Located in Baraboo, WI, ICF is the only place where one can view all the crane species of the world. It serves as a crane breeding, conservation, research, and education facility.
  • Raptor Education Group
    Starting as a raptor rehabilitation center in Antigo, WI, REGI has expanded their services to provide raptor education to school or community groups.


  • Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, Inc. Speakers Bureau
    Updated periodically, this list connects you to bird experts throughout the state willing to serve as a guest speaker for classrooms or community groups.


  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology
    One of the international leaders in bird research, Cornell offers education, identification, resources, etc. to enhance any bird education lesson.
  • What Bird?
    This instant field guide helps you identify a bird quickly and learn interesting facts about it. There is a free downloadable toolbar to help ID birds. Download IBird onto your IPod to take to the field for easier and quicker bird ID.

Bibliography of recommended bird education books, activity guides, and DVDs/Videos.