Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative

A cooperative partnership to deliver the full spectrum of bird conservation emphasizing volunteer stewardship.

Issues Papers

WBCI Issues_Lead&BirdsMembers of the Issues Committee of the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative have prepared a series of “Issues Papers” to provide information for WBCI partners and the public. These documents contain an overview of of the topics and sections covering WBCI Goals, Research Findings in Wisconsin and Elsewhere, Recommended Actions, Additional Research Needs, Links, and Additional Literature.

All of the following are printable PDF files:

Additional position papers on other topics are in process. We welcome suggestions.

Birders, park managers, rangers, biologists, educators:
Download a pdf of the new WBCI Shorebird Conservation Poster.  Display this poster on park bulletin boards and other strategic locations near shorebird habitat to help inform park patrons of how they can help nesting and resting shorebirds. If you do download the poster, please send an e-mail to Scott Diehl to let him know who you are and where you will be displaying the poster. Thanks!