Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative

A cooperative partnership to deliver the full spectrum of bird conservation emphasizing volunteer stewardship.

Endorser Agreement

Recognizing the importance of bird conservation in Wisconsin, we agree to support bird conservation activities through participation in the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative, and acknowledge the following visionary principles are critical to effective bird conservation:

  • Bird conservation depends upon the close coordination of the diverse skills and resources of private and public landowners, government agencies, businesses, private and public institutions, and all citizens who care for birds.
  • Bird conservation demands that attention be placed on the full array of wild bird species throughout the future.
  • Voluntary partnerships are essential for the effective delivery of integrated bird conservation.
  • Bird conservation will be based on the best available scientific information.
  • An ecological landscape approach allows bird conservation to be integrated successfully into sustainable land-use patterns.
  • Knowledge will be shared widely to encourage voluntary stewardship and further bird-based recreation.

The Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative requires no formal commitment to any specific actions by any of its partners. It does require, however, a desire to deliver a full spectrum of bird conservation in Wisconsin through ecological landscape assessment and management, guided by sound science and using voluntary stewardship.

On behalf of the members of the above-named organization, I (we) hereby commit ourselves to working as members of the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative to protect, restore, and enhance the populations and habitats of Wisconsin’s wild birds.