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New study documents major declines in many bird species

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In less than a single lifetime, North America has lost more than one in four of its birds, according to a report in the world’s leading scientific journal.

Published in Science by researchers at seven institutions, the findings show that 2.9 billion breeding adult birds have been lost since 1970, including birds in every ecosystem.

The losses include iconic songsters such as Eastern and Western Meadowlarks (down by 139 million) and favorite birds at feeders, such as Dark-eyed Juncos (down by 168 million) and sweet-singing White-throated Sparrows (down by 93 million).

The disappearance of even common species indicates a general shift in our ecosystems’ ability to support basic birdlife, the scientists conclude.

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A Widespread Pesticide Causes Weight Loss and Delayed Migration in Songbirds

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A new study on wild sparrows found that one of the most widely used neonicotinoid pesticides puts bird populations at risk. Learn more here

A White-crowned Sparrow affixed with a lightweight digitally-coded radio transmitter (nanotag) that broadcasts signals detected by receiver towers in the Motus automated telemetry network. Photo: Margaret Eng

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Glossy Ibis found nesting in Wisconsin for the first time

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The Glossy Ibis (Plegadis falcinellus) typically occurs in marshes bordering the Atlantic and eastern Gulf Coasts. Glossy Ibis are not found in Wisconsin every year, but in recent years it is not unheard of to have one or more wanderers show up at Horicon Marsh, often in the company of western White-faced Ibis (Plegadis chihi). This year two birds found each other, and produced two young, marking the first time this species has ever been documented as nesting in Wisconsin.  Read  more here. Read more …

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WI Breeding Bird Atlas finishes field work

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Despite starting the nesting season with 500 blocks left to finish, the five-year Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas successfully wrapped up field work in August thanks to the energy, dedication, and grit of more than 2,000 volunteers. Project coordinators will be crunching the numbers and begin work on a book publication but the final product is several years out. In the meantime, check out preliminary stats & species maps in real time at www.ebird.org/atlaswi. Thanks to all who contributed to this major achievement in Wisconsin bird conservation!

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Milwaukee County Park System recognized as Important Bird Area

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Who would think Wisconsin’s most populous county would have some of its most important habitat for birds?🦉

More than 250 species of birds have been documented in Milwaukee County Parks. Its 15,000 acres have immense value for refueling migratory birds during their journey along the Lake Michigan coast earning Milwaukee County Park System the designation as an “Important Bird Area” by the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative. Congratulations, Milwaukee County!

Learn more about the designation and why Milwaukee County Parks are a bird’s best friend: https://dnr.wi.gov/news/Weekly/article/?id=4608

Drew Feldkirchner (WDNR) presents Brian Russart (Milwaukee County Parks) with their official IBA designation.

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Call for Art – New WBCI Logo

Posted on May 24, 2019 by Ryan Brady   1 Comment

The Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative is a voluntary partnership of 175+ state, federal, and non-government organizations that aims to deliver the full spectrum of bird conservation from outreach and education to research and monitoring. Dating back to 2002, WBCI has a long list of accomplishments including among others the Great Wisconsin Birding & Nature Trail, Important Bird Areas, and Bird City Wisconsin. In 2018, the partnership completed a five-year strategic plan and now seeks a new logo to brand its work to conserve birds into the future.

Submission guidelines are below, or as a PDF here. Deadline for submission is August 15, 2019.

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