The Ridges Sanctuary & State Natural Area

The Ridges Sanctuary is a pristine natural area of exceptional quality. Founded in 1937, it’s the oldest nature preserve in Wisconsin. This 1,440-acre property provides a glimpse of what much of Door County looked like prior to European settlement. Five miles of hiking trails take you over rustic bridges through some of the 30 sandy ridges formed by wind and Lake Michigan wave action over the past 1,400 years. Wet swales and boreal forest draw songbirds to the area. Unusual plants, including 25 species of orchids and the rare dwarf lake iris, are found on the property. Buy a new field guide at the nature store or join a staff naturalist on a tour of this beautiful property.

Directions: From Hwy 57 on the north side of Baileys Harbor, turn east on Cty Q. The Ridges is the first driveway on the right.

Ridges Sanctuary map

Gazetteer: Page 81, D-7 (prior to 10th edition). | Page 51, F-6 (10th edition).

Phone: 920/839-2802.

Web site: The Ridges Sanctuary | WDNR Ridges Sanctuary State Natural Area

Signature species: White-throated Sparrow, Pine Warbler, American Redstart, Ovenbird and Northern Waterthrush.

Rare Species: Canada Warbler, Golden-crowned Kinglet, and Northern Parula Warbler.

Seasonality: Open all year.

Parking: Provided.

Nearest food & lodging: Baileys Harbor

Fees: $3 adults, children free.