Pier Natural Bridge County Park

The Pier family donated the land for this county park to preserve the site’s very unusual geological feature; a halfmile- long, narrow finger of blocked and layered sandstone that rises nearly 60 feet above the flood plain of two merging valleys. Tall red pines top the rock. The west and main branches of the Pine River meet underneath the rock, forming a natural bridge. The park has two historical markers: one that highlights the rock formation, and another that recognizes the significance of the Blackhawk War in this area. There is a stairway to the top of the rock formation that gives you a great view of the countryside. A manmade tunnel allows you to walk through the rock formation to the west Branch of the Pine River.

Directions: Located on Hwy 80 just south of Rockbridge.

Pier Natural Bridge County Park map

Gazetteer: Page 34, A-1 (prior to 10th edition). | Page 83, A-8 (10th edition).

Phone: 800/422-1318 (Richland Area Chamber of Commerce).

Web site: Pier Natural Bridge Park

Signature Species: Cliff Swallow, Bank Swallow, Blue Jay and Eastern Wood-Pewee.

Rare Species: Yellow-throated Vireo, Red-shouldered Hawk and Great Egret.

Parking: Parking lot.

Nearest food & lodging: Rockbridge and Richland Center.