Meadow Valley State Wildlife Area

This 58,000-acre site features eight flowages, 1,000 acres of open water, a waterfowl refuge, 6 miles of public use roads, 9 primitive campground sites and 25 miles of snowmobile trails available for hiking. It is managed for the optimum production of forest and wetland wildlife, and is a popular place to view wildlife, hunt and fish. Moist soil management allows two or three impounded water drawdowns each year, providing excellent habitat for shorebirds. This large property extends into Juneau County to the east. Interesting and elusive mammals here include gray fox and snowshoe hares.

Directions:From Tomah, travel east 4.5 miles on Hwy 21 to Hwy 173. Go north four miles to the heart of the property. Explore the many roads to access this large property.

Meadow Valley State Wildlife Area map

Gazetteer: Page 51, D-5 (prior to 10th edition). | Page 67, E-8 (10th edition).

Phone: 715/884-2437 (Sandhill Wildlife Area).

Web site: WDNR Meadow Valley State Wildlife Area

Signature species: Sandhill Crane, Ruffed Grouse, Barred Owl, Bank and Cliff Swallow and Whip-poor-will.

Rare species: Whooping Crane, American Egret, Trumpeter Swans, Yellow-billed Cuckoo and Karner Blue Butterfly

Seasonality: Open all year.

Parking: Parking lots.

Nearest food & lodging: Necedah.