Marbleseed Prairie Unit of York Prairie State Natural Area

This 40-acre parcel of formerly grazed, unplowed prairie is part of the York Prairie State Natural Area. Despite its grazing history, the site has many unique prairie plants including a large population of its namesake marbleseed plant. The topography and diverse vegetation at this site as well as its location in a large landscape creates conditions suitable for a striking variety of grassland and shrub-grassland birds. You can find Field and Clay-colored Sparrows, Yellow Warblers, Willow Flycatchers and Bell’s Vireos here along with Upland Sandpipers that frequently soar and whistle overhead in the spring and summer.

Directions: From New Glarus, travel west 7.5 miles on Hwy 39, then north .25 mile on York Valley Road to a small pull-off and sign on the east side of the road. Walk southeast into the natural area.

Marbleseed Prairie Unit of York Prairie State Natural Area map

Gazetteer: Page 27, B-5 (prior to 10th edition). | Page 92, A-1 (10th edition).

Phone: 608/266-7012 (WDNR).

Web site: WDNR York Prairie State Natural Area

Signature Species: Upland Sandpiper, Dickcissel, Henslow’s Sparrow, Grasshopper Sparrow and Bobolink.

Rare species: Bell’s vireo and Yellow-breasted Chat.

Parking: Roadside.

Nearest Food & Lodging: New Glarus.