Browntown-Cadiz Springs State Recreation Area

Green County is characterized by rolling hills and spring-fed valley streams. At this state recreation area, the impoundment of a spring has formed two small lakes that are the focal point of most activities. In the early spring and fall, good numbers of waterfowl move through the area and use the two lakes. There are 10 miles of hiking trails that become cross-country ski trails in the winter. The Zander Lake Trail circles the lake and has interpretive stops along the way. Beckman Lake has a sandy beach for swimming. Both lakes provide canoeing, kayaking and sailing opportunities. Fishing is good with both cold and warm water species present. Only electric motors are permitted on the lakes.

Directions: Located 6 miles west of Monroe via Hwy 11, then south .5 mile on Cadiz Springs Road.

Browntown-Cadiz Springs State Recreation Area map

Gazetteer: Page 27, D-5 (prior to 10th edition). | Page 92, E-1 (10th edition).

Phone: 608/966-3777 (Cadiz Springs State Rec).

Web site: WDNR Browntown-Cadiz Springs State Recreation Area

Signature Species: Sandhill Cranes, Northern Shoveler and Willow Flycatcher.

Rare species: Common Loon, Horned Grebe, and Bell’s Vireos.

Parking: Parking lot.

Nearest Food & Lodging: Browntown, Cadiz Springs and Monroe.