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Vote online to help birds by Thursday (4/16) 7pm

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Online voting in the Wisconsin Conservation Congress is open through Thursday, April 16 at 7pm. Make your voice heard by learning more and submitting the survey found at the DNR’s website here. This is a great activity to do from home, so please make some time to prepare for and respond to survey questions!

In particular, questions relating to banning use of lead tackle and ammunition on public lands (“yes” to questions 1-7) are of high interest to bird-lovers. Even a tiny amount of lead consumption can be fatal to scavengers like eagles or fish-eating aquatic birds like loons. These incredible animals deserve better, and this overdue change can have a major positive impact on bird health.

Resources to help you get started:

Thank you for your love for birds and nature in Wisconsin!

This content courtesy of our partners at Madison Audubon. 

Photo by Pat Ready

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