Lake Mills State Wildlife Area and Zeloski Marsh Unit

This wildlife area is divided into two units totaling 3,300 acres. The eastern part includes open water marsh, wet prairie, lowland hardwoods, tamarack and oak savanna uplands. The western unit is known as the Zeloski Marsh Unit. This 1,700-acre wetland restoration includes a series of six impoundments where water levels are managed for nesting waterfowl, shorebirds, and other species of plants and animals. The area is easily accessed via lanes established for property management work. The Glacial Drumlin Trail runs through Zeloski Marsh. The property provides ample opportunities to see birds throughout the seasons.

Directions: The eastern unit: is located immediately southwest of Lake Mills on Cty A. For the western unit, continue southwest on Cty A to Cty S north 1 mile to Alley Road west 1 mile to the parking lot.

Lake Mills State Wildlife Area and Zeloski Marsh Unit map

Gazetteer: Page 37, D-5 (prior to 10th edition). | Page 86, E-3 (10th edition).

Phone: 608/266-2621 (Madison WDNR).

Web site: WDNR Lake Mills State Wildlife Area

Signature Species: Great Blue Heron, Sandhill Crane, Northern Harrier, Black Tern and Wood Duck.

Rare Species: Brewer’s Blackbird, Prothonotary Warbler, Shorteared Owl, Forester’s Tern and Sedge Wren.

Parking: Parking lots.

Nearest food & lodging: Lake Mills.