Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative

A cooperative partnership to deliver the full spectrum of bird conservation emphasizing volunteer stewardship.

Steering Committee

Steering Committee Charge and Overview

The WBCI Steering Committee was formed in 2008, replacing the Coordinating Council, which had guided WBCI since its formation in 2002. The Steering Committee is a nine or eleven member body charged with the responsibility of setting and approving WBCI policy through oversight of WBCI committees and staff. The Steering Committee meets quarterly with meetings open to all WBCI endorsing partners.

Membership of the Steering Committee consists of several permanent members and additional ad-hoc members that serve a two year term. The permanent members are: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WIDNR), Wisconsin Society for Ornithology (WSO) and Wisconsin Audubon Council. The current ad-hoc members are: American Transmission Company, Bird City Wisconsin, Cofrin Center for Biodiversity at UW-Green Bay, Gathering Waters, Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory, Milwaukee County Parks, Raptor Education Group, and Wisconsin County Forests Association.

Member Representatives (Alternates) and Officers


  • Wisconsin Audubon Council: Karen Etter Hale (Chair); Matt Reetz
  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: Craig Thompson (Secretary)
  • Wisconsin Society for Ornithology: Davor Grgic


  • American Transmission Company: Michael Warwick; Amy Lee
  • Bird City Wisconsin: Charles Hagner; Carl Schwartz
  • Cofrin Center for Biodiversity at UW-Green Bay: Erin Giese
  • Gathering Waters: Mike Carlson; Meg Domroese
  • Milwaukee County Dept. of Parks, Recreation & Culture: Brian Russart (Vice-Chair), Jennifer Rutten
  • Raptor Education Group: Marge Gibson, Steve Fisher
  • Western Great Lakes Bird & Bat Observatory: Bill Mueller
  • Wisconsin County Forests Association: Gary Zimmer; Jane Severt