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Meet Old Man Plover, the pride of the Great Lakes

Posted on Jun 10, 2017 by Ryan Brady   1 Comment

Hatched in Michigan in 2002, this male Piping Plover has flown the equivalent of the circumference of the Earth and raised dozens of chicks in his lifetime. But most importantly, he’s a symbol of prosperity for a rebounding species and region. Read More >>

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1 Response to "Meet Old Man Plover, the pride of the Great Lakes"

Comment by Jim Willis
June 15, 2018 1:49 pm

This showed up in 11 June 2018 fundraising newsletter for Bird Studies Canada. Feature Piping Plover. Mentions it travels 560 km from Port Dover, Ontario. Destination was not mentioned,
Quote “Here’s my favourite plover story “I can hardly believe it” April 12 2017 male colour-banded Piping Plover (we know he’s male from his leg tags. Was seen feeding on the beach in Port Dover, just a short drive from our office. The very next morning reported sleeping on his usual breeding beach along Lake Michigan shore, having flown at least 560 km in 12 hours or less!


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