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WBCI seeks Important Bird Areas Assessment Specialist

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The Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative invites applications and proposals from individuals or consulting organizations to conduct an assessment of Wisconsin’s 93 Important Bird Areas.

A 12-month project with a budget of $20,000 to $30,000 for 2020

Posting date: Oct. 4, 2019
Proposals and resumes due by 5 p.m. (CST) Nov. 8, 2019
Submit to WBCI Chair, Karen Etter Hale @ wbcibird@gmail.com

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PROJECT BACKGROUND: The Important Bird Areas (IBA) program is an international effort, with a global network of more than 12,000 IBAs identified in 200 countries, that exists to identify and encourage voluntary protection of critical habitat for birds throughout their annual lifecycle — breeding, migration, wintering.

In Wisconsin, there are 93 IBAs, and the program is coordinated by the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative (WBCI), a coalition of 180 organizations dedicated to conserving birds.

To date, WBCI’s IBA-related efforts have focused exclusively on identification and designation of new areas. While this is an important first step, WBCI recognizes that proactive coordination will be critical for conservation efforts within IBAs to reach their full potential. Statewide coordination for 93 diverse IBAs would need to be well-defined and focused.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  The goal of this project is to develop a process (e.g. Threats & Opportunities Matrix) for assessing and prioritizing Wisconsin IBAs based on a range of criteria. Data collection and analysis will include: 1) a general assessment of the conservation values of each existing IBA, 2) defining the short- and long-term threats to habitat loss and degradation and their potential resilience in the face of climate change, and 3) contacting local stakeholders to assess the human capital and local organizational capacity.

Over the course of this 12-month contract, the project manager will work with the WBCI steering committee, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, local stakeholders, and other experts to develop the assessment.

Based on the assessment, by the end of 2020, the project manager will have worked with WBCI’s IBA Committee to 1) identify conservation opportunities in 5-15 high-priority IBAs, and 2) identify strategies, including key stakeholders and potential funders, for launching bird conservation partnerships at these priority IBAs.

SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED: This project/position requires strong analytical and organization skills, experience working with a wide range of conservation partners, excellent oral and written communication skills, and knowledge of IBA program policies and procedures. A degree in avian ecology, conservation biology, wildlife management, or a related field will be preferred. Grant writing experience and knowledge of conservation funding sources desired. Limit your cover letter and proposal to two pages and attach a resume.

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