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Month: June 2017

Bird summer is here

Posted on Jun 10, 2017 by Ryan Brady   No Comments Yet

June 1 marks the unofficial start of summer in the bird world, as migration winds down and breeding activity ramps up dramatically, especially among the many Neotropical migrants that have recently returned to raise young here. How will you enjoy birds this summer? Cape May Warbler, by Ryan Brady, WBCI Bird Monitoring Coordinator.

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Meet Old Man Plover, the pride of the Great Lakes

Posted on Jun 10, 2017 by Ryan Brady   1 Comment

Hatched in Michigan in 2002, this male Piping Plover has flown the equivalent of the circumference of the Earth and raised dozens of chicks in his lifetime. But most importantly, he’s a symbol of prosperity for a rebounding species and region. Read More >>

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Great Wisconsin Birdathon flying past goal

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With two weeks to go, the 2017 Great Wisconsin Birdathon has surpassed its fundraising goal! The Secretary Birds Signature Team has reported the highest count at 190 unique bird species, while Cutright’s Old Coots is leading the pack with nearly $10,000 raised! Last year the birdathon grossed $77,000. We’ve reached just over $80,000 this year, but we… [Read more]

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Field trips not to be missed!

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The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin has a fantastic field trip program, each year giving thousands of birders and nature lovers opportunity to enjoy and learn about Wisconsin’s great places and wildlife. Space is still available on some summer trips. Check it out!

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Survey for nightjars and owls

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The 2017 Wisconsin Nightjar Survey is looking for a few more volunteers, especially in northern Wisconsin, to survey a predetermined roadside route one time between June 2 – 16. The survey takes about 2 hours to complete and is a nice way to get out and enjoy the sounds of a summer night. Targets include… [Read more]

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Breeding Bird Atlas needs your help

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Give your summer birding greater purpose by participating in the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas, a five-year project that aims to generate a snapshot of what birds are breeding where across the state. The Atlas relies on volunteer birdwatchers and more are needed in every county of the state. Help out by submitting your incidental observations of nesting… [Read more]

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