Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative

A cooperative partnership to deliver the full spectrum of bird conservation emphasizing volunteer stewardship.

A new resource for conserving migratory birds along Lake Michigan

The Wisconsin Stopover Initiative, Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, and Wisconsin DNR have partnered to develop an important resource for identifying, prioritizing, and conserving migratory bird stopover sites along Lake Michigan, where habitat loss and degradation is significant yet tens of millions of birds migrate through each spring and fall. Check it out and share with land and conservation managers in your area. Learn more >>>

Study documents nearly 30% loss of North America's breeding birds since 1970

A startling study has found that nearly 3 BILLION birds have been lost over the past 50 years. Learn more about the declines, what's causing them, why there are reasons for hope, and how you can help in our eNewsletter, and sign up here to receive future editions directly to your inbox. 

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