Wisconsin Point

The largest freshwater sand spit (3.5 miles) in Wisconsin, the point forms sheltered Allouez Bay and the St. Louis River Estuary on Lake Superior. It contains stands of old growth pine, beach dune communities and marsh open water habitats. It is an important rest stop for many migratory birds. Most species of shorebirds are seen during migration, as are many uncommon songbirds and raptors that rest on the point before continuing their journey.

Directions: As you enter Superior on Hwy 2/53 turn east about 1.5 miles on Moccasin Mike Road, then northwest
on Wisconsin Point Road. There are a number of parking areas in the 2.5-miles to the end of the point.

Gazetteer: Page 101, C-5 (prior to 10th edition). | Page 20, E-4 (10th edition).

Notes: The point also harbors several uncommon dragonflies, the black meadowhawk, and Boreal snaketail. Franklin’s ground squirrels also live on the point, but are not commonly seen. The beach can yield nice specimens of Lake superior agates.

Phone: 715/394-0270 (City of Superior).

Web site: Wisconsin Point

Rarities: In the spring and fall, Jaguers and rare Sabine’s and Franklin’s Gulls visit the area.

Hours: 24/7.

Seasonality: Best during the spring and fall migrations.

Accessibility: A paved road runs the length of the point.

Nearest food & lodging: Superior, 4 miles southwest.