St. Feriole Island

This 240-acre island on the east channel of the Mississippi River has a mix of habitats including beaches, floodplain forest and grassland. In the spring, floodwaters create mud flats ideal for migrating shorebirds. One may see American Avocets along the beach. A trail leads away from the parking lot to a floodplain hardwood forest where warblers and other migrant songbirds can be seen. Peregrine Falcons hunt ducks along this stretch of the river corridor.

St. Feriole Island map

Directions: In downtown Prairie du Chien at Hwy 35 & Hwy 18, drive west on Blackhawk Avenue and cross the bridge to get onto the island.

Gazetteer: Page 32, D-2 (prior to 10th edition). | Page 82, E-3 (10th edition).

Phone: 608/326-7207.

Web site: Prairie du Chien, St. Feriole Island

Signature Species: Bonaparte’s Gulls and shorebirds.

Seasonality: Open all year 6am-11pm.

Parking: Parking lot.

Nearest food & lodging: Prairie du Chien.