Hemlock Creek Segment-Ice Age Trail

This segment of the Ice Age Trail crosses Pigeon Creek and passes through a small stand of even-age aspen and
birch before reaching a prairie, which gives way to a stand of old-growth mixed hardwoods. The climax viewing
area is at a large beaver pond with an Osprey nest and Great Blue Heron rookery consisting of more than 75 nests. The site offers some boardwalks.

Directions: From Birchwood travel west on Hwy 48 one mile, turn left on Loch Lomand Blvd. 2.5 miles to Finohorn Road (note large Ice Age Trail sign) and continue for 100 yards. Park on the shoulder of the road.

Gazetteer: Page 84, D-4 (prior to 10th edition). | Page 32, F-3 (10th edition).

Hemlock Creek Segment, Ice Age Trail map

Notes: This site includes several significant glacial geological formations as well as a large beaver colony with lodge and dam.

Phone: 715/537-6295 (Ice Age Park and Trail Foundation).

Web site: Ice Age Trail

Signature Species: Great Blue Heron and Osprey.

Hours: 24/7; but closed during deer hunting season.

Nearest food & lodging: Birchwood, 4 miles north.