Flambeau Mine Trail

This 181-acre site was an open-pit, copper and gold mine from 1991-1999. It is a good example of mine reclamation. Four miles of well-maintained trails along mostly flat terrain provide for good views of grassland birds such as Meadowlarks, Song Sparrows, and Common Yellow-throated Warblers. The marshes are home to Canada Geese, Great Blue Herons, and Marsh Wrens. Interpretive signs educate and inform visitors about the reclamation of the mine and the restoration of native habitat.

Flambeau Mine Trail map

Directions: Located 1.7 miles south of Ladysmith on Hwy 27. You’ll find a large, paved parking lot.

Gazetteer: Page 73, A-8 (prior to 10th edition). | Page 43, A-7 (10th edition).

Phone: 800/535-7875 (Rusk County).

Web site: Flambeau Mine Trail

Fee: Suggested donations.

Hours: Daylight hours.

Nearest food and lodging: Ladysmith, 2 miles north.