Eau Galle Lake Recreation Area

This 630-acre property offers a pair of day-use areas and a campground. A 150-acre lake, swimming beach, hiking trails, boat launch and good fishing make it a popular summer destination. Eau Galle Lake hosts resident Bald Eagles and Osprey. Broad-winged Hawks, American Kestrels and Great Horned Owls nest in the woods along with Wood Thrush, Eastern Pewee, Indigo Bunting American Woodcock, Ruffed Grouse, Black-billed Cuckoo, and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. On the water you might spot a Belted Kingfisher, Sora, Virginia Rail, Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, and Spotted Sandpiper. Along the Ox Trail, you’ll find a nice mix of warblers including Black-and-white, American Redstart, Yellow and Chestnut-sided.

Directions: Exit I-94 at exit 25, (Hwy B south) for 5.25 miles to Pierce-St. Croix Road. Turn east 1.5 miles and follow signs to Main Day Use Area.

Eau Galle Lake Recreation Area map

Gazetteer: Page 59, B-6 (prior to 10th edition). | Page 53, B-6 (10th edition).

Phone: 715/778-5562.

Web site: Eau Galle Recreation Area

Signature Species: Bald Eagle and Osprey.

Seasonality: Open all year.

Parking: Parking lots throughout property.

Nearest food & lodging: Spring Valley, just south of the park.

Fees: User fees apply.