Owl Certification Program

for the Western Great Lakes Owl Monitoring Survey

  1. You must Register/Login before taking the Instructions Quiz or the Audio Test.

  2. The Instructions Quiz must be passed before proceeding to the Audio Test.

  3. The Audio Test has 10 owl vocalizations you need to identify: Barn, Barred, Boreal, Eastern Screech, Great Horned, Great Gray, Long-eared, Northern Hawk, Northern Saw-whet, and Short-eared.

  4. Before taking the Audio Test, you should study owl calls from birding CDs or online sites (such as The Owl Pages or Cornell Lab of Ornithology) in order to be familiar with the different vocalizations of each owl species.

  5. Your computer browser must be JavaScript enabled in order for the Audio Test to load and you must have Adobe Flash Player installed in order to play the audio clips. If you have dial-up internet, you may not be able to get the audio clips to load, and should take the test elsewhere (library, internet cafe).

  6. Be sure to Logout to prevent others from accessing the Owl Monitoring Survey Certification Program under your UserID.

If you have any problems with the Owl Certification Program, please contact your state coordinator.

For more information about the Western Great Lakes Owl Monitoring Survey, please visit Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory and Wisconsin Bird Monitoring.

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