Presentations from Landscaping For Migratory Birds:

A Workshop For Land Managers

Old golf fairway planted with shrub and tree saplings to benefit migratory birds at Forest Beach Migratory Preserve, photo by Kim GrvelesPresented at All Locations

Presented at Sturtevant

Presented at Belgium

Presented at Green Bay

Dr. Noel Cutright led discussions at landscaping workshops in February 2013, photo by Gail Epping Overholt
Discussion Panel featuring Dr. Noel Cutright, Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory (WGLBBO); Joe Henry, WDNR; Dr. Dave Ewert, TNC-Great Lakes Program; Bill Mueller, WGLBBO; Mike Grimm, TNC-Green Bay Office; Kim Grveles, WDNR; and Katie Koch, US FWS.

Discussion Panels were moderated by Dr. Noel Cutright, WGLBBO.  Other participants serving on discussion panels, as hosts, as photographers, etc. include Mike Hoffer, Ozaukee Washington Land Trust; Marty Johnson, WDNR; Mike Reed, Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary; Sumner Matteson, WDNR; and Gail Epping Overholt, UW-Extension.  We are grateful to all our partners who made these events possible, especially Dave Ewert, Bill Mueller, Noel Cutright, Kelly Kearns, and Joanne Kline.  Funding was provided by the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program