Wisconsin Important Bird Areas

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Spread Eagle Barrens

Site Description

Located in far northeast Wisconsin, this site features over 8,000 acres of bracken grassland and pine barrens with scattered jack pine, red pine, scrub oak, scrub black cherry, and quaking aspen.  Sedges, bracken fern, sweet fern, blueberry, and serviceberry are among the species found in the understory.  Topography is rolling, with sandy glacial outwash soils; frost pockets—treeless depressions where frost may occur at any time of year—are scattered throughout.Spread Eagle Barrens, photo by Eric Epstein

Spread Eagle Barrens, photo by Yoyi Steele

Spread Eagle Barrens, photo by Yoyi Steele

Ornithological Importance

A characteristic assemblage of pine barrens birds may be found breeding here, including northern harrier, upland sandpiper, sharp-tailed grouse, brown thrasher, chestnut-sided warbler, and clay-colored sparrow.