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Moquah Barrens

Site Description

This large open area of pitted outwash plain is located on the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. Topography is rolling to very steep, with dry sandy soils. The vegetation is characterized by pine barrens and consists of areas of grasses and forbs, shrubs, and stands of jack pine, red pine, aspen, scrub oak, red oak, red maple, and birch.

Ornithological Importance

Extensive barrens habitat hosts species such as sharp-tailed grouse, northern harrier, upland sandpiper, brown thrasher, Connecticut warbler, eastern towhee, and other grassland and shrub loving species. Active management, including prescribed burning, is ongoing, and will maintain and improve barrens habitat for these species

Moquah Barrens, photo by WDNR

Moquah Barrens, photo by WDNR