Wisconsin Important Bird Areas

Conserving the most important places for birds

Milwaukee County Parks

Site Description

This site encompasses 75% (15,000+ acres) of the remaining greenspace in Wisconsin’s most urban county. Habitats include the southernmost extent of northern forest in Wisconsin, oak woodlands, riparian forest, recreated prairie, 85-miles of river and stream corridors, a diversity of wetlands, and 14-miles of Lake Michigan shoreline.

Ornithological Importance

The combination of diverse habitats and this site’s proximity to Lake Michigan make it an important corridor for migratory birds. Historically, 351 species of birds have been documented within Milwaukee County, and 230-240 species are seen annually within the Park System. Even natural areas less than an acre in size have yielded nearly 200 species of birds during migration! The other asset of this site is that it provides ready access to a large and diverse population of urban people. Bird conservation education is a priority for the Park System and staff readily engage citizens through hands-on habitat improvement projects, community science, and public presentations.

Lake Michigan shoreline at Warnimont & Grant Parks

Lake Michigan shoreline at Warnimont & Grant Parks