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Lincoln County Muskegs

Site Description

The two sites making up this IBA, both managed by Lincoln County Forest, together contain thousands of acres of relatively undisturbed muskeg habitat.  These wetlands, found in depressions in the ground moraine of western Lincoln County, feature leatherleaf, sphagnum, sedges, and stunted black spruce.  Tamaracks, larger black spruces, and white cedar are found around the edges, while the upland have mostly young managed aspen and hardwoods.

Ornithological Importance

This IBA is one of the top muskeg sites in the state and supports a diverse assemblage of lowland conifer swamp/open bog species.  A significant percentage of the state’s populations of boreal chickadee, gray jay, and palm warbler breed here, as well as olive-sided flycatcher, yellow-bellied flycatcher, Nashville warbler, and Lincoln’s sparrow, among others.

Lincoln County Muskegs, photo by Robert Wernerehl

Lincoln County Muskegs, photo by Robert Wernerehl