Wisconsin Important Bird Areas

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Door-Kewaunee Lakeshore Migration Corridor

Site Description

This site encompasses the open waters of Lake Michigan 10 miles out from the shore, and extends from the southern edge of the Whitefish Dunes-Shivering Sands IBA in Door County, south through Kewaunee County to the northern border of the Point Beach State Forest IBA in Manitowoc County.  Beneath the waters are structures such as reefs, underwater sandbars, and bedrock shelves used by diving ducks during foraging.

Ornithological Importance

Large numbers of wintering diving ducks utilize these offshore waters.  Recent (2010-2011) aerial surveys have documented particularly large concentrations of Long-tailed Duck, Red-breasted Merganser, and Bufflehead within this IBA.

Door-Kewaunee Lakeshore, photo by Seth Cutright

Door-Kewaunee Lakeshore, photo by Seth Cutright