Buena Vista-Leola State Wildlife Areas


Buena Vista State Wildlife Area, photo by Andy Paulios

Site Description

These two wildlife areas, located close together in central Wisconsin, form the heart of the grassland habitat management effort for greater prairie-chicken in the state. Topography is flat and the landscape is open and largely treeless. The grassland-dominated habitat is a mixture of cool and warm season grasses, row crops and grazed pastures, prairie, oldfield, shrub, and woodland.

Ornithological Importance

The Buena Vista/Leola grasslands represent one of the best opportunities in the state for large-scale grassland management, and support many of Wisconsin’s priority grassland species. These two properties contain the largest proportion of the state’s greater prairie-chicken population, as well as high numbers of northern harrier, upland sandpiper, sedge wren, Henslow’s sparrow, field sparrow, vesper sparrow, grasshopper sparrow, clay-colored sparrow, savannah sparrow, bobolink, eastern meadowlark, and western meadowlark.

Photo Credit: Andy Paulios